First Rice Eating Ceremony Invitation Video

INR 1200/-
  • Product Code - 0103
  • Delivery Time - 12 to 24 Hours
  • Resolution - 1920*1080 (Super HD)
  • Number of Photos Required - 5 to 8
  • Customization - See Description below
  • Suitable - for boy below or upto 10 years
  • Best for - All Community

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  • Once we receieve your order, we will share a link of form for customization via WhatsApp

What can be Customized

  • 1. Background Music
  • 2. Font Size, Color & Typeface

Terms & Condition

  • 1. Customization - If there is anything need to be added in the video, which is not there in the Demo Video, you need to pay extra amount depending upon the customization needed.
  • 2. Delivery - At first, we will share a draft video after looking at which you need to let us if there is any changes needed in the video like spelling mistakes or any correction. After getting all the correction/alteration from you, we will update the video and share final updated file within 4 hours.
  • Only two times editing/alteration can be done. In case of additional changes needed after delivery of final video, extra charge is applicable as per the changes needed.
  • 3. Copyright Enfrigment - If the Music or Song you want as a background will be a copyrighted content of Music Company, Jain Group won't take any responsibility for any issue arises or action taken by the owner of the copyright content.
  • 4. Refund Policy - Please choose the video, from the different videos available, with patience . We don't have any return or refund policy.

Branding of Jain Group

  • There will be no Logo of Jain Group in entire video but it will be there at bottom right corner for last 4 seconds.
  • In case you don't want our logo anywhere in the video, you need to pay extra for the same.
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