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About Us

We are the team of Experienced Members who are willing to provide quality services at affordable price. Digital Invitation is a trending way to send an invites for an events like Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary and all sorts of party. Additionally it helps you to save your time & money. Keeping in mind that each of our customer will get profit of our services, we kept our price minmal so that it can be utilized by all of our customers.

Below is the method for ordering a Digital Invitation.

Choose from our Templates & do the Payment

Choose the respective Video/E-Card from our templates and do the payment as per its Price

Upload the Details Needed for its customization

Upload the details required in the form of respective Video/E-Card

Enjoy your Video

The Customized E-Card/Video will be deliver to you within 14 hours

How it Works

Step 1

Choose from our Wide Variety of Video Templates of from page of respective events. DO the advance payment & upload the details in form.

Step 2

We will send you the draft customised video of your contents within 24 hours having a look at which you need to let us know if there is any minor correction you need in the video.

Step 3

We will go throgh the corrections shared by you. A Final Video will be than shared which will be in HD format and is WhatsApp friendly.